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Vicerrectoría Administrativa

Office of the Administrative Vice-President

The Office of the Administrative Vice-President accounts for planning, organizing and managing administrative activities at the University general level. The Office functions with the support of the following Directions: Financial, Human Resources, University Services, Physical Resources and Information Technologies, and the Organization and Methods Office.

Financial Direction

This bureau leads, monitors and evaluates the University's services, processes and financial resources. To do its work, it has the support of six offices.

• Accounting Office

It's responsible for maintaining timely and reliable accounting information on all of the University's resources, liabilities and results, to make sure that it works as an element for decision-making and management. It also provides the tools to exercise effective internal controls and compliance with the University tax and legal obligations.

• Internal Control Office

It provides support for the proper functioning of control procedures regarding accounting, tax, financial and budget issues. It also verifies applications for money generated by all units, and coordinates counseling and training for the use of the integrated financial system by the University's offices.

• Financing and Portfolio Office

This unit works to establish mechanisms for students to access the best financing options, according to their needs, in order to facilitate tuition payment and ensure their stay at Javeriana.

• Budget Office

It's responsible for collecting, sorting, analyzing, processing and managing the University’s financial information so that the Office of the Administrative Vice-President and other units can have access to timely and accurate information that will allow them to manage resources better and make executive decisions.

• Supplies and Active Assets Office

It's the office in charge of providing the necessary elements for the proper functioning of the University's units, as well as managing, handling and safekeeping fixed assets.

• Treasury Office

It contributes to the management of the University's financial resources. Some of its objectives are: to invoice, receive, verify and ensure the accurate collection of resources; to make payments for goods and services acquired by Javeriana, and to guard all University securities.

Human Resources Direction

This entity advises, directs, plans, coordinates, monitors and evaluates all processes related to Javeriana's human resources, in accordance with the requirements and characteristics of the university life and the law. It performs its functions through two attached offices.

• Selection and Promotion Office

It supports schools and other units in the staff selection, induction, development, training and promotion processes, in accordance with University's policies.

• Operations Office

It's responsible for the compliance with the law in the workplace, and it provides guidance on this issue to academic units and other University's offices.

University Services Direction

The Direction manages, monitors and evaluates the offices under its responsibility, and advises and evaluates, as appropriate, the following University service enterprises: Food Services, Javeriana's Shop, Javeriana's Cancer Center, Magnetic Resonance Center, Foundation Javesalud IPS, Travel Agency Javeturismo Viajes S.A., Javegra Foundation and Javeriana 91.9 FM Radio Station.

Physical Resources Direction

It's responsible for directing, monitoring, evaluating and maintaining the University’s services, processes and physical resources. It responds to these tasks through two offices

• Campus Management Office

It's responsible for the electrical, hydraulic, sanitary, painting, spraying, equipment, glass, cleanliness and beautification, etc., maintenance; and for the security services, information, mail and parking allocation.

• Building Bureau

Its main objective is to execute the construction of new buildings and renovations in the University, based on the guidelines set by the Office of the Administrative Vice-President, under the orientation of the Physical Resources Direction.

Information Technologies Direction

Its responsibility is to fully assume the projection, development, maintenance, support, evaluation and management of ICT in the University, in accordance with institutional planning. Where necessary, the Direction coordinates these activities with the units (schools and others) that use technologies as support for administrative, academic and university welfare activities.

Organization and Methods Office

This Office structures, standardizes and improves administrative activities developed by the University's units, through the documentation of processes and the corresponding functional analysis, in the context of the Mission and Education Project at Javeriana.