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Vicerrectoría Académica

Office of the Academic Vice-President

The primary function of the Office of the Academic Vice-President is to establish guidelines and policies for the development of University programs and academic projects. To accomplish this, the Office has the support of various ascribed units. The Office director is the Academic Vice-president and he must follow the policies of the College Board of Directors, the orientations of the President of the University, and the Academic Council guidelines for planning, organizing and monitoring the academic activities of the University. Also, he must identify the procedures and guidelines necessary to fulfill the mission described on institutional documents.

Quality Assurance and Curriculum Management

The academic processes for quality assurance of educational programs at Javeriana University are led by the Office of the Academic Vice-President, with the support of the Quality Assurance and Curriculum Management Assistance Office. This unit ensures the quality of programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees, and to this end, it promotes that evaluation, self-regulation and curriculum management become key elements in the University's academic program offering.

Faculty Members

A Javeriano faculty member knows and respects the identity and denominational character of the University and actively contributes to the achievement of the Mission and the Development of the Javeriano Educational Project. He is known for his academic competence and professional qualifications and he knows how to inspire and motivate students within the context of the values promoted by the University. He’s a committed professional, caring, responsible, compliant with his duty, open to change, with a coherence between the principles of teaching and his attitudes. He’s an integrally honest person.


International cooperation is one of the most dynamic fields of higher education in recent years, in line with globalization trends that govern the educational field. Internationalization is now a guiding principle of the University's activities and one of its characteristics is student mobility. In its effort to internationalize its duties, the University promotes global learning and strives to educate men and women who are effectively and positively immersed in the international academic community with ability, knowledge and skills commensurate with the demands of the times. With this in mind, the Office of the Academic Vice-President coordinates student exchange programs with national and international universities through the Student Affairs Assistance Office, and with the support of the International Relations Secretariat.


The Javeriano Educational Project defines research as the pursuit of understanding that expands the boundaries of knowledge and its application; these boundaries are shared by different scientific communities. In keeping with university tradition, Javeriana University statutes classify academic activities as teaching, research and service. These activities have their own dynamics, characteristics and requirements, but must be exercised in close contact, becoming key inputs among themselves. In fact, a teacher can not merely repeat the knowledge built by others; it's his responsibility to investigate it, analyze it, criticize it and develop it, and then pass it on to his students or apply it in activities, such as: continuing education, advising or consulting. This process involves the analysis of the context in which new knowledge is produced, its origins and consideration of its validity.

Office for Research Development, OFI

Its purpose is to promote and support research at Javeriana University, by creating strategies that stimulate growth and quality of that specific academic activity, the development and strengthening of research groups at the University, and the accompaniment of the corresponding academic and administrative processes.

Consulting Projects

The University has more than forty consultancy units specializing in different subjects and disciplines. Once research projects are conducted, the socialization and implementation of new knowledge is started in order to offer it to different organizations in Colombia and abroad. Consulting and advising at the University are designed to orient or train a unit to solve scientific, technical and administrative problems. This encompasses all cases where assistance is provided to the user of goods or services, and it responds to the interest of the applicant. In recent years, nearly forty academic units facilitated the development of consultancy projects between Javeriana University and the productive sector in fields such as: Health sciences, engineering, architecture, economics, communication, politics and education.