Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


To provide technological support to research, education, service and administrative processes, the University has last generation services.

Mention can be made of the technological components available in the following units:

  • The SIU (University Information System, for its acronym in Spanish) with its "People Soft" platform for Academic Management.
  • The New Technologies-Aided Education Center (CEANTIC by its Spanish Acronym) that offers virtual courses support through its Blackboard platform.
  • The Centro Audiovisual Javeriano, with front edge technology in this field in Latin America, internationally accredited like Autodesk Training Center-ATC.
  • The Computer-Aided Architecture and Design Project, CAAD.
  • the Technological Industrial Automation Center.
  • The Geo-referenced Information Center, GIC,
  • the Javeriana Center of Oncology. the San Ignacio University Hospital, and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center.
  • It also has 130 laboratories and workshops.


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