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Facultad de Teología

School of Theology


Theology questions the ultimate sense of life regarding a Transcendental Being. The mission of the School of Theology is to stimulate the creation of horizons for the realization and liberation of human beings, animated by a deep understanding of the life of Jesus. To achieve this goal, the School aims to: promote integral formation through the Gospel's values; help the maturation of faith as a vital and free option for people; offer a Christian input to contribute with the dialogue, faith and culture within a Colombian and Latin American context; and collaborate with the solution of problems such as: the ethics crisis, the instrumentation of human beings and the lack of appreciation of values.


• Department of Theology. The Department is the academic unit responsible for developing theological knowledge "through research, the provision of teaching services needed by undergraduate or graduate programs, and the implementation of other services, such as: continuing education, consulting and advising." In the process of fulfilling this task, the Department seeks to guarantee academic quality and foster different interdisciplinary forms.

Academic Programs


• B.A. in Theology. The program forms the student to answer to the challenges of the world and Colombia, with a transcendental perspective and through the acknowledgement of the fundamental elements of the theological discipline and its research methods. Theological, critical, methodical and systematic reflection is built on the data of the Scripture, tradition, the teachings of the Catholic Church and the current theological schools, mostly those from Latin America.

• Degree in Theology. The program prepares professionals capable of addressing two fundamental types of knowledge: Theology and Pedagogy. The formation in both areas is essential and must be properly integrated to meet the challenges of evangelization. Theology must give an account of faith through theological reflection, and Pedagogy must reflect on knowledge and the pastoral and educational practices.

• Degree in Religious Sciences. This program, offered in virtual mode, seeks the integral formation of professionals committed to the challenges of today's society. With that purpose, the program articulates theological studies with the contributions of humanities and social sciences in an interdisciplinary way. In addition, the program helps to understand the role of information technology and communication in the reconfiguration of religious subjectivities.


Beginning in the year 2010, the School of Theology will offer a Specialization in Action Planning, an academic program designed for the perception, analysis and planning of human activity from a Christian and biblical perspective.

• M.A. in Theology. The program is open to professionals with an undergraduate title in any natural, human or social discipline. Candidates without specific knowledge in Theology receive previous leveling instruction to assure that they get common horizons, categories and vocabularies that are indispensable. The program offers two alternatives: to teach Theology in a way that professionals acquire new insights and tools for their original discipline (professional program,) or to propitiate research on fundamental aspects of the theological discipline (research program.) The academic resources are divided into methodological theory and theological theory seminars, application workshops, immersions in research groups, and specialized follow-up in Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology or Human Action Theology.

• Th.D. in Theology. The program is characterized by its high theoretical and applied research interest in any of the major strands within the discipline: Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology or Human Action Theology. The Th.D. aims to form researchers and knowledge producers capable of transferring and applying their knowledge, activating research and qualification projects to support the human, social and spiritual growing process of the nation.

Continuing Education Program

The School of Theology, through its Continuing Education Program, offers teaching, research, consulting and advising actions related to the discipline to parochial, business, educational and industrial institutions in the area of their theological work. The objective is to help those organizations project themselves and create spaces to search for the liberation of the human being, through the interdisciplinary dialogue and from a global and ecclesial perspective.