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Faculty of Engineering

Applicant and Graduate Profile

The program is geared towards engineers who need to address engineering project management from a systems focus. This requires them to design, draft, prepare, organize, administrate and carry out engineering projects that combine socio-economic systems of management with production processes.

Engineers linked to engineering projects or project companies will be preferred, as will those trained in areas related to engineering and its component technologies.

We will also consider engineers who, for whatever reason, aim in the near future to enter into organizations where they will work in an engineering project environment.

Graduate Profile

This specialist will be able to:
  • Participate actively as a leader and director in all development phases of a project, from the idea of a project to drafting, organizing, initiating, carrying out and concluding the project.
  • Advise all the units of an organization in the design, structural development of engineering projects and their technological components.
  • Contribute to the analysis and resolution of organizational problems, acting as a facilitator to identify key points that indicate where and how to focus improvements.
  • Draw up plans and academic or business programs which integrate and project the potential for development and success.
  • Evaluate engineering projects in terms of feasibility: commercial, technical, economical, financial, sensorial, social, administrative and intangible (risks).
  • Prepare financial analyses for projects.
  • Plan and control costs, human resources, contracts and management of internationally financed projects.
  • Rigorously analyze the risks of engineering projects.