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Faculty of Engineering


For admissions eligibility requirements and admissions processes for international students click here.

Apart from the usual admission requirements, applicants who wish to apply for the Doctoral program must include in their application:

  • Originals or authenticated copies of official diplomas of their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (if they have a postgraduate degree). These should have an apostille stamp.
  • Originals or authenticated copies of the official certification of their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from their universities. (If they have a postgraduate degree). These should have an apostille stamp.
  • Application letter for admission to the Doctoral program. This letter should describe the motivation for applying and shouldn’t exceed 1200 words.
  • An initial proposal for your research project, that will include: i) Letter of support for the candidate and their research area from the director of the research group that the candidate will work with. ii) Draft work plan that will include a list of subjects to study, the general theme of the research project and the chronogram to complete the curriculum.
  • Two references in a sealed envelope, one of those from a university professor in the format established by the Faculty.
  • Official results of an exam in English (from the exams authorized by the Director of the Doctorate) within the last two years. The result obtained by the applicant will not have a direct effect on the decision of their acceptance or not into the program.
  • Curriculum Vitae, photocopy of identification and three photographs size 3 x 4cm.
  • It is considered a desirable aspect, but not compulsory, that the candidate has completed a postgraduate degree with at least 36 credits (maximum number of credits that can be counted) in a Masters program and has completed research projects that have received above average grades. It is also desirable that the applicant has obtained experience in the field in which they hope to develop their research project.


The principal costs that should be considered part of the Doctoral program include: i) enrolment costs, ii) living costs; and iii) research costs. These values are considerable, which is why it is important to design and implement mechanisms of economic support for students in order to cover part or all of these costs. Taking this into account, research professors from the faculty will support students to prepare proposals that seek economic support for their research projects, i.e. (Colciencias, SENA, Foundations and universities.).

 As part of the doctoral program, it is extremely important that the student can focus solely their academic work, which is why it is important that the doctoral candidate has guaranteed economic support for the entire duration of the program. The fee for each semester is $ 12.022.000 during 2012. The doctoral program can last between three to five years or less, depending on the previous experience of the candidate.

Scholarships are available for doctoral students who wish to work as teaching or research assistants. More information is available from the heads of departments or from the Postgraduate Programs Coordinator.