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Faculty of Engineering


To provide training in the skills, knowledge and techniques, languages and tools needed to develop and integrate software and align it to business processes, whilst maintaining a high level of quality.
Specific Objectives
  • To train in techniques, tools, standards and theories related to the definition, description and documentation of software architecture.
  • To train professionals to align software systems with business processes through software architecture.
  • Empower professionals to take on leadership roles and roles in I.T. project management, with particular attention to software architecture.
  • To develop professionals’ knowledge on techniques, languages and tools that help them to construct or integrate complex software through well-defined architecture.
  • To offer professionals knowledge in techniques and theories of abstraction, decomposition and management, which make them capable of analyzing and structuring complex problems.
  • Make professionals aware of responsibility and consequences and the value of being ethical with regards to information management.
  • To up-date professionals on recent technological advances in software, in particular those associated with architecture.