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Faculty of Engineering

Emphasis Areas

Control and Automation
This emphasis aims to strengthen knowledge to identify, evaluate, provide and validate models, methods, techniques and tools to solve problems concerned with automatic control of plants and processes.

Signal Analysis
This emphasis focuses on studying models and methods for signal analysis, in order to extract useful information for decision-making and automatic/semi-automatic/manual supervision of control systems.

The emphasis on Bioengineering aims to further the student’s professional and academic training to study and solve life science problems.

Electric Potential
This emphasis provides the student an overview on fundamental theories and practices in areas concerned with electric potential, such as: circuit converters, EMI filters, correctors and high frequency substitution, amongst others.

Digital Systems
There are two possible focuses: one in the design of digital systems and the other in the architecture of processors.

This emphasis provides the knowledge required to use techniques of perception and artificial intelligence in applications for indoor and outdoor mobile robots.

There are two possible focuses: one concerning the study and the strengthening of knowledge in the theory of communications and the other in the analysis, design and implementation of radio telecommunications hardware.