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Faculty of Engineering


The Electronics Engineering program of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana was created in 1960, under the leadership of Father Jesús Emilio Ramírez, S.J., by that time, Rector of the University. With the initial support of international companies including Ericsson, Philips, RCA and Siemens, that not only contributed with the first laboratory equipments, but also provided highly qualified engineers, who were among the first group of Professors of this Department for starting the courses in February, 1961, being one of the first three Electronic Engineering programs to be offered in Colombia. Based on that impulse and with the effort and dedication of engineers and other professors, this program became the first EE Program Nationally Accredited by the Colombian Ministry of Education (received in 1999) and recognized as one of the best three EE Programs in Colombia.

At the present time, the Department of Electronics Engineering has around 70 Faculty members, including Tenure, Research, Adjunct, and Remote Professors, who teach classes in traditional areas of electronics engineering (analog and digital electronic circuits and systems, communications, control and automation, digital techniques and electronic design) as well as specific areas such as bio-engineering, instrumentation, signal analysis and processing, telecommunication networks, power electronics and digital processor architectures, supported by one of the best laboratory facilities available in the country. Additionally the Department has two Emeriti Professors.

For offering those courses the Department is organized in four academic sections, as follows:

  • Electronic Circuits
  • Telecommunications
  • Automation and Control
  • Digital Techniques

Additionally, for managing the infrastructure and logistics for teaching, research, development and laboratory services, the Department of Electronics Engineering has a well known Laboratory Section.

Thus, the Department offers an integral education that focuses on academic excellence at undergraduate and graduate degrees through a variety of courses for different programs: undergraduate program in Electronics Engineering, Master’s Program in Electronics Engineering, Doctorate in Engineering, undergraduate Emphasis in Sound Engineering of the Musical Studies undergraduate Program, and undergraduate program of Computer Sciences Engineering, with a total of about 750 undergraduate and approximately 150 graduate students and it is important to be noticed that the pedagogical processes that are employed in the teaching of these courses are enriched through the Department’s research work, carried out by the different research groups:
BASPI: Bioengineering, Signal Analysis and Image Processing.
CEPIT: Control Systems, Power Electronics and Management of Technological Innovation.
MIMESIS: Technology Supported Education
SIRP: Intelligent Systems, Robotics and Perception
SISCOM – Telecommunication Systems and RF Circuits

These research groups are registered and categorized by COLCIENCIAS, the Colombian Research Department.


Department Director
Ing. Francisco Viveros Moreno
Telephone: (571) 320 8320 Ext. 5329
Email: fviveros@javeriana.edu.co