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Faculty of Engineering


A Systems Engineer creates solutions that improve the quality of life for both people and organizations. For this reason, the Javeriana University offers a solid formation in the areas of information systems, software engineering and computer sciences, using information and communication technologies.

The undergraduate program in Systems Engineering at the Javeriana University has a high quality accreditation from the National Ministry of Education, resolution number 374.

To obtain the title of Systems Engineer, the student will satisfactorily complete a total of 165 academic credits, completing subjects from the following areas:

  • Core Areas: 115 credits.
  • Emphasis Areas and Complementary Options: 33 credits.
  • Electives: 17 credits.

Development Areas

The undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering from the Javeriana University offers the possibility of emphasis in any of the following areas.
  • Software Architecture and Construction · Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management · Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
  • Communications, Networking and Mobile Devices
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Bio-information and Nanotechnology

These areas can be studied by students in accordance with their particular interests.


The semester fee for this undergraduate program is $8.101.000 as of 2013.
Engineer German Alberto Chavarro Florez
Director Systems Engineering Degree