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Faculty of Engineering

Executive Council of the Faculty

The Executive Council of the faculty acts as its governing authority and is responsible for the immediate direction. It’s the Council’s responsibility to develop specific directives for the Faculty and to make decisions regarding Faculty matters, in accordance with the Central Campus guidelines.


The Executive Council of the Faculty of Engineering includes the following representatives.
· Academic Dean of the Faculty (1)
· Student Services Dean (1)
· Department or Institute Directors (2)
· Undergraduate Program Directors (2)
· Postgraduate Program Director (1)
· Permanent Faculty Teacher (1) · Permanent Faculty Professor (1)
· Undergraduate Student (1)
· Postgraduate Student (1)
· Graduate from the Faculty (1) 
(Articles 157 and 158 in the university regulations).


The Council’s duties include:
· Develop the specific directives that regulate academic activities, for both academic and administrative areas.
· Study and approve the proposals for the development plans of the Faculty.
· Approve the proposals for the creation, suspension and withdrawal of academic programs for their consideration by the Academic Council.
· Deny or approve the proposals for curriculum reform for the undergraduate and post-graduate programs within the Faculty.
· Take into consideration proposals for the creation, withdrawal, adjustments or integration of departments, institutes or other academic units that are connected to the Faculty.
· Approve the granting of prizes and other university awards in accordance with the corresponding guidelines and regulations.
· Grant academic distinctions that are considered relevant for students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs as appropriate.
· Approve, in accordance with the appropriate policies, the proposals for the admission requirements of prospective undergraduate and graduate students within the Faculty.
· Rule on the proposals for the creation, suspension or elimination of staff posts within the Faculty.
(Article 89 of the university guidelines)