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Faculty of Engineering

Academic Services

Dean of Academic Services

The Academic Dean is elected for a period of three years. The Faculty’s current Dean is Engineer Luis David Prieto Martínez Ph.D.

Responsibilities of the Academic Dean

The Academic Dean is responsible for the general direction of the Faculty and responds to the Academic Vice Chancellor. The Academic Dean will exercise their authority in a manner similar to that of the Student Services Dean in agreement with the statutes, general and particular regulation and policies as directed by the Executive Council of the Faculty (Est. 149).

The Dean’s office is located on the second floor of the José Gabriel Maldonado, S.J building, Calle 40 No 5-50, second floor. Tel / Fax. (57-1) 320 8320 Ext 5281. The office hours for the Academic Dean’s office are 8 – 12pm and 2 – 6pm, Monday to Friday.