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Faculty of Engineering


Industrial Engineering at the Javeriana University educates professionals in the improvement, analysis and diagnosis of processes as well as in service industries such as manufacturing. It focuses on: Logistics, Production, Technology, Quantitative Methods and Entrepreneurialism.

The undergraduate program in Industrial Engineering aims to contribute to the integrated development of professionals as part of an academic program that encourages research, creativity and leadership. This program allows students to develop the skills which allow them to tackle any type of situation or problem related to production or services through the use of efficient techniques that are based in science but also include an elevated social responsibility.

The goal shared by the director, professors and other staff from the department is that we will be a leader in the formation of human talent, both in the present and in the future, which will make a positive contribution to growth and social development in the area of Industrial Engineering while including an entrepreneurial perspective and a strong ethical base.

The main objective of this program is to train professionals that can apply and integrate knowledge from engineering and the human sciences to the design, planning, management, optimization and control of manufacturing and service production systems. This involves working with people and resources in the areas of finance, processes, materials and time and information management to contribute to the improving the quality of people life.

Our program aims to produce graduates with skills and experience in: 

  • Designing, conducting and analyzing experiments, including the interpretation of data while maintaining an attitude of uncertainty so as to be in a constant search for solutions. This allows students to develop as researchers in the field of Industrial Engineering
  • Teamwork and communication, meaning that Industrial Engineers from the Javeriana University are able to work in multi-disciplinary groups.
  • Designing systems, components or processes that take in to account all of the variables involved in order to meet the needs of the market.
  • Applying a wide range of knowledge to further understand the impact of Industrial Engineering solutions within social and global contexts, as well as being able to develop a holistic vision for a company.
  • Recognizing the need to engage in lifelong learning and keeping constantly updated on the latest developments in Industrial Engineering.
  • Communicating ideas and opinions, negotiation processes and problem solving with the rest of the team, maintaining good interpersonal relationships


The semester fee for this undergraduate degree is $8.101.000 as of 2013.


Carlos Eduardo Muñoz
Director Industrial Engineering Program