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Faculty of Engineering


Civil Engineering is the discipline in charge of the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure projects. These projects allow the development in a country, its regions, the main cities and the small urban and rural communities. It is also a discipline that considers the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources. The Civil engineers of the Javeriana University, work in diverse organizations, some are public, private or some engineers create their own company. Their usual fields are:
  • Construction: They guarantee the fulfillment of the structural designs during the “action” phase of the project. This is done, with an adequate use of the main resources, optimizing time and cost, with efficient construction processes, always with a social responsibility component.
  • Structures: By making designs of structural systems for buildings, bridges, and other type of projects; after making load analysis, to guarantee that the designs will be resistant in case of an earthquake.
  • Geotechnical designs: Offering alternatives of foundations, pavements and other geotechnical works, based on the specific conditions of the soils and topography in Colombia. Always looking for the stability of the projects.
  • Hydraulics: Protecting the communities in periods of floods, defining the best alternatives of sustainable use of the hydraulic resource, by using hydraulic structures, water supplies, drainage systems, among others.
  • Environmental field: Establishing the best designs, processes and methodologies to reduce, mitigate or compensate the deterioration generated by the engineering projects that alter the environment.
  • Transportation: Designing routes, tunnels, airports, and other projects of urban development, based on the analysis of transportation, including conditions such as topography and economy, enhancing urban mobility and the integration between regions.


The tuiton fee is $8.101.000 per semester


María Patricia León Neira
Head of the Civil Engineering Program