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Facultad de Derecho Canónico

School of Canon Law    


Canon Law studies at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana began in 1941. In 1943, the School was approved by the Holy See and authorized to confer ecclesiastical degrees. In 1977, it was organized as a School of graduate studies, so those who aspire to join it should be priests, or possess a Lawyer’s degree or another degree that ensures proper preparation. In 2002, the School was in tune with the new decree issued by the Holy See (Congregation for Universities), which establishes the following cycles:

Cycle I (4 semesters): Philosophical and Theological Areas.

Cycle II (6 semesters): Code of Canon Law and its related disciplines.

Cycle III (2 semesters): Legal Education: a focus on research, which should end with doctoral research.  

Academic Programs


• M.A. in Canon Law. It aims to educate and provide integral professionals, capable of exercising Canon Law and serving others through their profession, with a strong sense of solidarity. The graduates must act within their profession with a critical, analytical, ethical, and social sense, and be able to become transformers of reality through accurate, positive, mature and thoughtful actions.

• Ecclesiastical Doctorate. The program began in February 2009.