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Facultad de Artes

School of Arts  



• Department of Music. Created in 1991, the Department has demonstrated clear strength in the areas of theory and composition and it has high -quality teachers in interpretation, conducting, audio and technology, jazz and popular music and musicology. The Department formally began research and creation activities in 2002.

• Department of Visual Arts. The Department views visual arts as the integration of different media, techniques and crafts available to the contemporary visual artist: from drawing to the latest multimedia technologies. The Department provides teaching and research services in different areas of expression (arts, graphics, audiovisual), drawing, photography, electronic arts as well as art pedagogy and history. 

  • Department of Performing Arts. It works from a somatic perspective and from Performance Studies in order to develop a curriculum that’s in line with a contemporary idea of performing artists as individuals not only capable of imitating, representing or moving with a particular skill, but as performers who are aware of the relation between their actions and structures (personal, artistic, social, economic or political.) The Department studies performing arts as particular modes of doing, developing this concept through teaching and research in three fundamental areas: dance, theater and somatic techniques.

Academic Programs


• Major in Musical Studies. It is a leading program in Colombia dedicated to shaping professional musicians. It offers up-to-date teaching strategies and ongoing practice, and these elements contribute to the configuration of structured musical thought. There are several training options available: Interpretation, Composition, Composition of Commercial Music, Orchestra Conducting, Band Conducting, Choral Conducting, Sound Engineering, Education and Jazz. The program works with programs from other Schools to create more options based on the interests of students and candidates. 

• Major in Visual Arts. It points to the rigorous and updated training of artists in diverse fields of visual expression who use drawing as their basic tool, while they use new technologies and study art history and philosophy as theoretical training for their fundamental core. The program offers three options: Audiovisual Expression, Graphic and Plastic Arts.


• Specialization in Conducting Children and Young People´s Choirs. It strives to meet a demand for teachers in music capable of shaping and directing children's and youth choirs, and designing and implementing coral training programs. The Specialization provides solid education, unique in the country, in: Conducting, Vocal Education, Curriculum Organization, Repertory Compilation, and Arrangements. 

The School's Graduate Studies Committee is currently working on the design of two new Master Programs: M.A. in Music and M.A. in Audiovisual Creation.

Other Programs

• Artistic Initiation Program, PIA. Aimed at children between 3 and 6 years old. 

• Children and Young People Program. Aimed at children and young people 7 years and older. 

  • Pre-university Programs. The programs are particularly targeted to candidates of the Careers in Musical Studies and Visual Arts.  

Continuing Education Program

The School of Arts offers a wide and well-known Continuing Education Program in several areas. The options include certification courses that are academic programs with a modular structure (at least 100 hours long,) and courses, workshops or seminars, 12 to 100 hours long.