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Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño

School of Architecture and Design


Since its creation in 1950, the School of Architecture and Design has worked to establish itself as a leading knowledge center in the teaching, research and services areas in relation to habitat matters, at the university, national, regional, and international level. The objective is to prepare competent professionals who will contribute to the achievement of a better society, a more human city, a region for all, a progressive country, and ultimately, a better world. To reach this goal, the School actively works towards building an educational community guided by the Jesuit Community principles, expressed through the Javeriana University's Mission and Educational Project. The School of Architecture and Design has contributed to the overall education objective through the creation of many valuable research, advising, and consulting projects. Many of its students, teachers, and managerial personnel have received national and international awards and recognition.  


• Department of Architecture. Academic unit in charge of developing the thematic areas of the discipline through teaching and research activities intended to define its scientific, technological, humanistic, and artistic identity.

  • Department of Aesthetics. Focuses mainly on creative and artistic thinking, doctrines, critiques and production of meaning, significant and imaginary, and formal configuration operations in Architecture and Design.

  • Department of Design. Academic unit that studies the relationships between living beings, products, processes and services originated within a certain context determined by specific cultural, ecological, economic, political, productive, social, and technological factors, with the sole purpose of developing projects required by specific social groups.  

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

• B.A. in Architecture. The program tries to provide answers to the country's architectural issues through the development of integral, qualified professionals who are committed to themselves, their society, and their environment.

  • B.A. in Industrial Design. Javeriana University's Industrial Designers approach this interdisciplinary activity with the objective of establishing relationships between human beings, their context and product systems, while taking on the social responsibility and commitment that the task entails.  

Graduate Programs

• M.A. in Cultural Patrimony and Territory. The program aims to educate professionals capable of approaching the cultural patrimony territories with an integral vision so they can formulate, implement, and integrate sustainable and preservation projects for cultural manifestations and assets.

  • M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning. The program focuses on research and integral and interdisciplinary training of professionals for the analysis, research, and intervention in urban and regional planning processes, territorial arrangement, and regional and city planning in Colombia. The final goal is to find solutions to current problems.

  • Specialization in Design and Management of Products for Export. To strengthen Colombian companies and make them sustainable in international and global markets, this Specialization seeks to deepen, articulate, and structure knowledge in the following areas: design and management of products for export, market analysis and human factors, and technologies and production factors for export.

  • Specialization in Public Space. The program is designed to prepare competent professionals in politics, planning, negotiation and management of constructed public space. The Specialization’s perspective includes topics such as: consideration, review, planning, and specific-problem-solving issues in regards to duties, participation, shared responsibility, and rights to the city.  


• Carlos Arbeláez Camacho Institute, ICAC. Academic unit that aims to preserve the Colombian cultural patrimony. The Institute contributes to achieving Javeriana University's Mission through research, information generation and sharing, and the negotiation and development of architectural, urban and landscaping projects with an integral and conservationist scope.

  • Javeriana University's Town Planning and Housing Institute, INJAVIU. The Institute is dedicated to the study of current city and housing problems in Colombia. Some of its research topics include: housing negotiation, quality, and habitability, as well as the city's production and transformation processes and its relationship to the territory.  

Continuing Education Program

The Architecture and Design School offers multiple seminars, workshops, certification courses, and updating courses in Architecture, Design, and Digital Technologies.